Short history

In Oradea: out of te data that we have, the Wushu (Kung-Fu), was practiced in Romania in several cities, in different forms and styles, from 1975-1980. One thing you should know, to enjoy and to honor the same time, is that since 1980, after Bucharest, Oradea is one of the most important centers, where, among other forms and styles of martial arts, was practiced Kung-Fu, in an organized scenery on styles and systems, with more than 150 legitimate practitioners, well organized by the coach, who has created many values and whose name is linked to knowledge and opportunity of Wushu practice in Oradea, is, of course, Mr. Iancu Nicolae, who founded Kung-Fu practice in Oradea. Coach Romeo Gozner is one of the athletes raised and trained by coach Iancu Nicolae. In 1988 at the request of coach Iancu Nicolae, he sets up a new club, Wushu (Kung-Fu), and started studying new forms of competition by Wushu – Ciang Quen and Xanda (fighting), and began further studies of traditional style Shaolin, he also began to combine the traditional and the competition, the art and the sport, so coach Romeo Gozner at only 20 years begins a rather difficult activity considering that it was a pioneering work, which required a lot of study, the given styles were new, unknown and newly practiced in Oradea, and the bibliography was also very poor at that time. However after taking a team of about 70 young people, and after a lot of hard work, the results came quickly, with demonstrations and competitions, with athletes trained by the technician Romeo Gozner, accumulating more victories and assessments, so they founded the club “Gold Dragon”, about whom you can watch materials on this website and which we hope you find interesting. Leave your appreciation about this club, if it has done its job and if the work was fruitful.

In Romania: From the information that we have, the Wushu (Kung-Fu) is present in our country since 1970-1975, the art promoter being Master Ioan Benea, the current President of the Wushu Department of the Romanian Martial Arts Federation, so almost all of the Wushu clubs in Bucharest, and not only, had direct collaboration starting point, or were under the patronage of Master Ioan Benea. The club from Oradea led by Iancu Nicolae found out about Bucharest club, in 1986, following in 1987 to organize a meeting (attended training and exchange of experience), with the club in Bucharest and Master Ioan Benea. The meeting was extremely beneficial and constructive, says Mr. Benea, confirming the value and the club in Oradea, the tips of Master Benea providing a better orientation of modern and competition, that WuShu requires. Mr. Benea was very pleased and surprised at the same time by the number of practitioners in Oradea and their interest in this art quite unknown at that time in Romania. So Oradea club aligned to promote the movement of Wushu in România. Soon also aligned several Kung-Fu – Wushu clubs from different cities, clubs who later succeeded to confirm a high level of training.